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Bedside Manhandlers. Kenna James loves her lucky penny. She likes to think that it brings her good fortune wherever she goes. One night, she opens her door to see a woman named Penny (Madi Collins) standing in the doorway. Penny explains that she’s the human incarnation of her lucky penny! Penny explains that Kenna has never truly needed her, she’s always created her own luck. Kenna is moved, and when Penny offers to cheer her up with a kiss, Kenna can’t resist going all the way with her good luck charm! Bella Rolland and Armani Black, two nurses, take a break in the staff lounge. Bella’s all done with her patients for the day, but Armani’s not so lucky. Unfortunately, she’s been saddled with an annoying and bossy patient, Jennifer White, who has countless complaints and demands. It seems like Armani isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Bella listens attentively and sympathizes with Armani, though she wonders if Armani is being too easy on her patient. Bella offers to show Armani exactly how to put Jennifer in her place, and Armani accepts! These Bedside Manhandlers get to work! Aria Lee doesn’t understand why her friend Alexia Anders didn’t invite her to her wedding. In fact, she’s pretty angry about it! She needs to find a way to get in touch with Alexia if only to get a sense of what’s going on between them!.

Genres: 18+ Teens, Age, Appearance, Cunnilingus, Erotic Vignette, Group Sex, Oral, Plot Oriented, Popular with Women, Redheads, Shaved, Tattoos, Threesomes

Genre: Porn Movies

Director: Girlsway

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